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The Influence of Lime as Partial Replacement of Cement on Strength Characteristics of Concrete

4th November, 2020

Having chosen to use hydraulic lime in the cement clay sculpture and I finally managed to downloaded and read an article investigating lime as a part replacement for cement. This is the […]

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New Adjustable Wall Easel

2nd May, 2019

I decided to build a wall easel that is easily adjustable and does not take up much room. I chose anodised aluminium profile as it is strong, very straight and takes up […]

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Experimenting with Acrylic Paints

16th August, 2009

Most of my recent paintings are in oil but a lot my earlier experimental work is in acrylics and mixed media. And for some of my new abstract paintings I have dug […]

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Soften old brushes

9th June, 2009

For natural hair brushes I use diluted hair conditioner. Another method is to dip the brush in linseed oil and leave overnight before rinsing out.

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Art Tips

30th March, 2009

How to remove a dent from a canvas? I had a small dent in one of paintings so tried a method I had read about some time ago: Dip a cloth (I […]

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