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Exhibiting at the APT Gallery, London

12th August, 2021

I am delighted to be exhibiting my recent digital and video artworks at the APT Gallery. Including, my most recent artwork, titled Past, Present and Future.

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Converging Time Flux

5th January, 2021

I had hoped this artwork would be completed by now! However, I have continued to record my walks during the various tiers and further lockdowns. Sometimes, like so many, I see light […]

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Converging Time Code

6th November, 2020

“…what many people do when they use a computer and go online today is not fantasy role-playing, but almost the exact opposite: the mundane slogging through the details and interpersonal negotiations of […]

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Converging Time – Collective Memory

6th November, 2020

Converging Time is a multi part body of work, both online and offline, that I created for my final MA Fine Art artwork. Open digital Converging Time artwork One on the areas […]

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The Space I Inhabit – Endless Landscape

3rd November, 2020

Below are two photos of the completed artwork that incorporates the canisters I collected during my walks. However, the most important and larger part of artwork was the actual walking, collecting and […]

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