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Loads to do… And a new Ashwinstudio team member

6th November, 2009

Loads to do… But I love it

Just purchased a big 5mm plate for a new workbench Dave (new Ashwinstudio sculpture technician) and I have built from scratch from 40mm box section. We saved a fortune building it in-house and it is custom built for the space and use.

A new member to the Ashwinstudio team

I would also like to announce a new member to the Ashwinstudio team, David Grant, who is the to work as a sculpture technician although he will be mostly helping with the construction of the sculptural furniture. He is a close friend of mine who I have known, along with his family, for years: David is also a first rate engineer, welder and has a good eye for design.  Believe me, when working with steel girders or stripping engines apart, two hands are better than one. It is also great to have someone to bounce ideas off.

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