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Sculpture from found objects

12th March, 2009

For many years I worked as a prototype engineer where designed and constructed a variety of products made from metal. So I am comfortable working with metal and have no problem welding and fabrication:  And when creating sculptures, this background allowed me to work with spontaneity as I did not have to think or worry too much about the technical side. For example, when welding dissimilar metals (especially cast iron that is brittle) I employ various techniques (‘buttering’ the surface for cast iron and specialist brazing rods) to ensure the joints would be secure.

For many of my fabricated sculptures are created from found objects and what I like to do is collect many objects and items and have them around me. I spend a lot of time living with the objects and gradually ideas form – then when get an impulse, I work fast and create a new work. The Metal Bird is one such work!

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