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Body Sculpture – Sculpture created from reclaimed metal

7th December, 2009

Body Sculpture - Sculpture created from reclaimed metal
Body sculpture viewed in artists garden
Detail shows the title on the weight

This metal sculpture is created from reclaimed found objects. The legs and feet are cut from an old plough, the hips and pelvis are parts from a old van and a tow bar. The base is a an old iron weight, from a weight lifting set, salvaged from knee deep mud and took a lot of cleaning to get through years of rust. It was fun welding as I had to heat the iron first then butter weld with specialist arc rods before I could attach the foot and leg.

The weight is has the words ‘Body Sculpture’ as part of the casting which I used for the title of the sculpture. constructed from found objects. This was one of the very first metal sculptures I constructed.

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