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Self-Build New Art Studio – part 4

6th December, 2017

I chose to clad the art studio with larch because it is affordable and very long-lasting. However, I was careful to source locally grown larch and also used a local company to machine the cladding and finishing details to order. And as I liked the wood colour I coated all the cladding with Osmo with protects against UV and algae – it is not cheap! I had to use stainless steel nails for fixing – even galvanised nails can react with the larch.

Finally, the studio is watertight:

I opted for plywood for internal cladding and got a bit arty colour-washing some panels. From the start I planned to run the electrics through galvanised conduit trunking with matching ceiling roses and boxes. I ran all the wiring and then paid a sparky to wire-up the consumer box and add the circuit to the meter and off course get a certificate. I managed to source enamel light shades that match the yellow colour-wash and galvanised brackets for plywood shelves. And searching online, I found some cheap, easy to clean oil paint off, laminate flooring.

I built units for books, CDs and vinyl and worktop to hold my deck and Sonos system (that is linked to the house).

Pretty much done, the stove is in and I have added a step:

Big thanks to all those who helped me!

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